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Patient Story

Patient Ann Smith* had issues with her “bad knee” for years before seeking the help of Dr. Kevin Tadych.  After Ann and Dr. Tadych had exhausted other potential treatment to help Ann with her pain and other knee issues, Dr. Tadych spoke with Ann about performing a partial knee replacement at Northwoods Surgery Center.

Ann was a good candidate for having her procedure at Northwoods Surgery Center instead of the hospital due to her overall good health.  She had no risk factors like sleep apnea or cardiovascular issues.  Dr. Tadych explained to Ann that he preferred to perform joint replacement procedures at the Northwoods Surgery Center due to its lower infection rates, significantly lower risk for contracting a hospital-acquired infection and lower costs for patients.  Patients were able to recover from surgery in the comfort of their own homes.  Before the surgery, Dr. Tadych and Ann developed a recovery plan which included identifying potential adaptive devices like crutches or a walker that Ann might need, setting up her physical therapy appointments and making some modest adjustments to Ann’s house (for example, removing throw rugs).

Ann arrived two hours before her scheduled surgery for pre-operative preparation including placement of her IV and discussions with both Dr. Tadych and her anesthesia provider. Ann received spinal anesthetic and a femoral nerve block during her surgery.  Additional pain medication was injected during surgery at the surgical site.  This combination of anesthetic, nerve blocks and a localized pain injection can extend several days of pain relief to patients.  Ann’s stay at the surgery center was about 7 hours (average patient stay is between 6-8 hours).  She was able to sit up and talk with her family before leaving.  Ann and her family appreciated the personalized attention she received from the staff at Northwoods Surgery Center.  Before she was discharged from the facility, Ann’s recovery plan was discussed with both Ann and her family.

The day after surgery, Shannon, Dr. Tadych’s Medical Assistant, called Ann to check in on her.  She was in less pain the day after surgery than the day before.  Ann completed her physical therapy without any problems and now walks several miles a day.

Six weeks after surgery, Ann had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Tadych to discuss how she was feeling.  She was progressing well and had returned to her normal routine.

*Patient name has been changed to protect their privacy.